"Welcome to Sylvania, a land of perpetual darkness and ever-lasting evil. There are few facts but much legend surrounding the origins of this land. Since the beginning of historical record, Sylvania has always been referred to as a cursed and evil land. Its surface is covered for the most part by dark and dangerous forests, its soil poor and unproductive. It is a land where the darkest energies of magic flow strong. The dead long have the reputation of not resting easily here, as attested by the Sylavnian tradition of burying the dead deeply and face down so that it is more difficult for them to dig their way to the surface. Rumors circulated in the Empire accusing the nefarious von Drak counts and many of the other Sylvanian nobles of being corrupt practitioners of the black arts. Indeed those rumors were founded in reality. These vile noblemen built their castles at mystical points where the winds of dark magic concentrated to gather power for their iniquitous spells, and celebrated ancient rituals of death in their dank dungeons. The Sylvanian people were kept in a state of misery and superstitious ignorance and their squalid hamlets were dominated with ruthless cruelty."

A word from ntdars; Sylvania was created by Tom "Brahm Tazoul" Bell and was released through his e-zine Letters Of The Damned. One of the most exciting parts of the Sylvania supplement are its scenarios, meant to be played out in order spanning over a large campaign.

Some content below I am unsure if it was created by Tom, specifically the Dramatis Personae and Warbands other than the Vampire Hunters Of Sylvania. However, they do add some additional flavour to the campaign and I find their quality quite good.