Karak Azgal

"The Orcs were drawn by tales of the wealth of Karak Izril and threw a furious surprise attack on the city's gates. They massed against the north wall where the defences were weakest. In their pride the Dwarfs had expected attack would ever come from that direction as it was defended in that direction by Karak Eight Peaks which they thought could never fall. Following the destruction of Karak Eight Peaks the Skaven had begun to swarm into the Southern Mountains and had for many years been tunnelling into the deepest Dwarf gem mines. Their leaders decided to use the Orc attack to launch an attack of their own. The Dwarfs of Karak Izril found themselves under attack from their weak north wall and from the mines below. They knew that thefight was hopeless but they would rather die than give up their treasure."

A word from ntdars; Karak Azgal was created by the Strike To Stun team alongside their Mousillon supplement. Awesome underground fighting rules, and really intense vibes from the journey through Moria from Lord Of The Rings (check out the Adventurers warband!). Be sure to also try out some of the Karak Eight Peaks warbands along with this campaign. Karak Azgal Website.