Mutiny In Marienburg

Marienburg is vast; a bright spot in an otherwise forlorn and wretched landscape. The people of the city are descended by the tribe of the Jutones, who drove the Endals and the Fimir off their lands and made the marshes their new found home. In fact, the people of Westerland are of Endal stock while the city itself is purely Jutones in origin. The city itself rises from the foetid swamp that typifies the Wasteland, that gloomy march between the impenetrable Drakwald Forest and the immense Pale Sisters. With the regular rains, sucking mires, and the strange breed of peasants that make their living trawling the dark waters of the countryside, reaching the grand city can sometimes be a feat in and of itself. A visitor to Marienburg can quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer size of this metropolis, with its innumerable islands, canals, and labyrinthine streets. So large is the city that many of its denizens rarely venture beyond their own districts, and can only speculate about what happens on the other side of the city.

"The Story of MiM" , A word from ntdars; What's there to say about Mutiny In Marienburg? Well, a lot actually.

This supplement was started back in ~2012 from members of the very well known and beloved Border Town Burning campaign. "Werekin" (From Liber Malefic) was heading up the project, and quite a bit of work was done on it through out the years. Around the end of 2015-beginning of 2016 progress was halted by Werekin for some personal reasons.

"Dear Marienburgers.

I have not been doing any work on the campaign for a while now. Following a period of prosperity which has allowed me to enjoy the hobby on frequent occasions I hit some relationship problems. I played a lot of board games during this time instead of gaming with my miniatures.

Although the Bournemouth Mordheimers managed to showcase Marienburg at two public events back in March (all my terrain was packed ready to go!) of this year and last August, there has not been any opportunities for me to get other campaign games in as I had to sacrifice my games room (as I have a new flatmate to help me pay rent!) to have a second bedroom.

I intend to return to the hobby when the time is right. In the meantime I've conjured up a medium-weight worker placement board game, inspired by Black Sails, Marienburg adventures, commodity trading and speculation. This involved creating a 8000 word document for the rules package. Those of you who follow my Instagram will see pictures of that project.

I may also be returning to work on some new music with members of my band The Skinny Skulls. This I hope to be a cathartic experience which may ultimately stir my inspiration to dine in Mordheim.

My painting table is still set up so I can return to wet my brush whenever the mood takes me.

The last thing we'd started working on was a chapter of ship building rules to customise barges & boats for the basis of promoting games played on water using ships.

There are holes in the Marienburg plots so I'm pleased to hear that some members of the community have prepared a contingency for following those incomplete narratives. The extended version of my "Infamous Haunts" player aid featuring 'Daemon swamp' & 'Undertown' were options that came about as an afterthought for feral warbands. This came about based on certain players finding no real purpose to get themselves involved in the post battle sequence.

I'm always lurking somewhere near the canals, so if you need an answer get in touch with me here or by email or facebook messenger, then I always look forward to hearing from likeminded fans of the game we all love.



Toms Boring Mordheim Forum Thread, August 29th, 2016

A few years later DicLombardi from TBMF got in touch with Werekin and got permission to compile all of the content from MiM and fill in the gaps with his own content with help of members from the community (with special assistance of Nuno M). Those compilations of content are what you will find below, with his own added "Mutiny In Marienburg Annual", which is some added content to an already heaping expansion.

Toms Boring Mordheim Forum Thread, January 15th, 2018

Mutiny In Marienburg is packed to the gills with great content similar to Border Town Burning. We can hope one day Werekin does a "Final Revision" that will be released for all os uf to enjoy - but in the meantime I invite everyone to check out DicLombardi and his teams work.