Welcome to the newest of Broheim. Below you will find original and fan made material all things Warhammer Quest 95', alongside files to print your own cards and board pieces.

- Card Sets Formatted For Printing

Below are card packs of both original and fan made origin, formatted by Spiny Norman & myself for printing purposes. They are fully compatible with the Skat Sized cards from MakePlayingCards/Printer Studio, but can also be printed on a regular home printer!
All cards used with permission from their original creators. Another special thanks to Spiny for his unwaivering dedication to getting these cards formatted for people new the scene, and of course Littlemonk for all the amazing content he has given us.

Card Backings

These card backings should be applied to their correpsonding facings. Be sure to stay consistent with your card backings when printing!

Dungeon | Event | Spell | Treasure | Objective Room Treasure | Dark Secret

Core Set

All cards from the original base game.

Treasure Pack One

All cards from Treasure Pack One, released by GW.

Treasure Pack Two

All cards from Treasure Pack One, released by GW.

Treasure Pack Three

All cards from Treasure Pack One, released by GW.

Complete Spell Cards

Complete set of Spell Cards from the Roleplay Book. Creator unknown.

Roleplay Events

Created by Spiny. Cards representing the Roleplay Events table from the Roleplaying Book with some great themed artwork.

Bestiary Cards

Reformatted by Spiny. Colour coded to easily create themed decks!

Lair of the Orc Lord

All cards from the Lair of the Orc Lord expansion.

Catacombs of Terror

All cards from the Catacombs of Terror expansion.

Hall of the Hag Queen Being Re-Worked

Created by Littlemonk. Card set from his homebrewed, Dark Elf themed expansion.

White Dwarf

Scans of the original White Dwarf cards, most of which have been updated by Littlemonk.

Card Tiles

Original card tiles. Some have been rescanned since they were cut off on the original scan.

Original Tiles // Pits & Traps

HD Rescans

  • Circle of Power
  • Corner
  • Dungeon Cell
  • Guard Room
  • Monsters Lair
  • Torture Chamber
  • Well of Doom