- Core Rules

The most updated version of the rulebook, published on GW's website - these PDF's do contain the Errata. For new comers, I highly suggest you check out the Ultimate FAQ PDF as well in the Resources section.

Rulebook Pt. 1 - Background & Rules

Rulebook Pt. 2 - Warbands

Rulebook Pt. 3 - Campaigns & Optional Rules

Core Rules Printable | w/ Book Cover

Mordheim Annual 2002

Empire In Flames

Living Rulebook - Published in 2004 on the 'GW Specialist Games' site (which at the time was Fanatic). Does not contain Errata.

Official Errata

- Additional Rules

These Official PDF's contain optional rules that can be used in your games!

Aristocracy Of The Night

Special Rules & Skills for Vampires of different Bloodlines; these rules were due to be released in Town Cryer at the end of it's run but were never added. Allow for some potentially overpowered hero builds, but otherwise very fluffy, fun, and well written.

Blazing Saddles

As well as being populated by the various humanoid races, the Warhammer world also contains many species of animals, some of which have been tamed and trained to perform a useful function. These can be divided broadly into two groups - animals that can be ridden (e.g. horses, giant wolves, cold ones) and those that can't (e.g. warhounds, giant rats). These rules are intended to flesh-out the rules for mounted warriors from page 163 of the Mordheim rulebook.

Chaos On The Streets

Skirmishes between two warbands are a common occurrence but sometimes rival Mercenary Captains will lay their differences aside and ally against a common enemy. Mark Havener has written full rules for fighting larger games of Mordheim involving several players, as well as seven new scenarios.

Heroes Of Mordheim | Pt2 | Pt3 | Pt4 | Pt5 | Pt6

Heroes of Mordheim was created to add more depth to a campaign and as an excuse to use as many of the additional rules as possible. As we’ve discovered, Warband Ratings aren’t really an accurate measure of a warband’s power, so we came up with this idea to prove who the real Heroes of Mordheim will be! As the warbands gain control of areas they hire spies, miners or whatever, to help them administer their territories (this aspect is covered by Rewards). These will help them explore their areas in security.

Opulent Goods

As a warband gains experience and wealth in the City of the Damned it will naturally acquire rare equipment and artifacts. A veteran warband will have all manner of equipment, from expensive clothes to opulent coaches in which to get around the surrounding settlements of Mordheim. Tuomas Pirinen, with help from Tim Huckelbery, gives details of some of the more extravagant items for you to add to the existing chart on page 146 of the Mordheim rulebook.

Power In The Stones

The value of the wyrdstone shards is not simply the coin that nobles and merchants are willing to pay for them. It is a well-known fact that the stones are rich in magic, and they are said to grant a variety of powers to those that learn to use them.

Random Happenings

Mordheim is a dark and sinister city - dangers lurk around every corner. Even the basic laws of nature cannot be relied upon. Mark Havener and Tim Huckelbery explain how these dangers can be introduced to your battles.


Medical treatment is far from an exact science in the Old World, and most people have justly learned to fear a visit to the Physician's Guildhouse. Patients of an Old World doctor are likely to face bleeding, amputation, under-anesthesetised (a few pulls on a whiskey bottle if they're lucky!) surgery, and worse in the course of their treatment.

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe

Nickel the Unreasonable introduces wily adventurers to the indispensable wares of his shop, offering equipment and skills to the needy.

New Rules from Tuomas Pirinen

These are a collection of additional rules created by Tuomas and published on the Mordheim Facebook group. For some links, you may need to be logged into Facebook and/or part of the Mordheim Facebook group.

The Child Of Light | | Original Post

"Many people expressed interest in the Child of Light concept in the Mordheim 20 years presentation, so I thought I'd whip some gameplay ideas together for her."

The Cursed Cavalcade | Original Post I // Original Post II

"This PDF contains the beta rules and fluff for Tuomas's Cursed Cavalcade Warband."

Witch Hunter Rabble Rousing | | Original Post

"I was going through my old rules notes for Mordheim (looking for my ship-to-ship fighting designs) whenI found these experimental rules I wrote for Witch Hunter Warbands for rousing rabble to fight with them, and I thought people might like to see these, so I decided to clean them up a bit and post them for all to see."

Pavise Rules | | Original Post

"I made these rules for the original rulebook but in the end I felt guilty for giving such toys to my own Witch Hunters and cut them from the final manuscript -people already grumbled about them having too much. However, some of you might enjoy using these rules."

- Publications

Town Cryer

Complete collection of the Mordheim Town Cryers!

Fanatic Online Magazine

All of these articles were found on Specialist Arms!

Original White Dwarf Articles

These were the original Mordheim "making-of" articles from White Dwarf issues #223 through #229. An awesome piece of Mordheim history to see the early begginings of the system.

Letters Of The Damned

A Mordheim fan e-magazine!
  • Issue #1
    1. Necrarch Warband
    2. Bounty Hunt Scenario
    3. Cianty's Heresy
    4. Dreaded Tales of Atar
    5. 3-Page Quicksheet Rule Summary
  • Issue #2
    1. The Abomination Scenario
    2. Crazy Grom's Mercs for Hire
      • Estalian Diestro
      • Wood Elf Hunter
    3. Tribes of Chaos
      • Marauders Of Chaos Warband (Later published in Border Town Burning)
    4. The Undead Garden Scenario
    5. Dreaded Tales of Atar
  • Issue #3
    1. The Damned Duke NPC Warband
    2. The Damned Duke's Hoard Scenario
    3. Protectorate of Sigmar Warband
    4. Cianty's Heresy http://www.yeoldecuriosityshope.com:80/rules definitions and designations for warband validity
  • Issue #4
    1. William Schakestange, Master Bard
    2. Sorcerous Society Warband
    3. King of the Mountain Scenario
    4. Dreaded Tales of Atar
  • Issue #5
    1. Crazy Grom's Mercs for Hire
      • Gravesman
      • Weapons Locker Staffsword
    2. Goblin Squigherders Henchmen
    3. Spawnlings Henchmen
    4. Nightbride Henchmen
    5. Masters of Heresy
    6. Vampire Hunters of Sylvania Warband
    7. Victor Danzig Scenario
  • Issue #6
    1. Crazy Grom's Mercs for Hire
      • Dark Mage
      • Dark Magic
    2. Weapons
      • Chain Attack Squig
      • Ballista
      • Grappling Gun
    3. The Watchtower Rules grading
    4. The Hunt for Victor Danzig battle report
    5. Sylvania, Land of Cursed Undeath Scenarios and Campaign setting
    6. The Discovery of Cathan

Forgotten Lands

Websites from a previous age that may or may not still stand today. Feel like treasurehunting for old Mordheim material on the web? Make sure to use an internet time machine!