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Listen closely brave warrior for what you bear today may save you from a fate far worse than death… you don’t believe me eh? There are few in the Old World who have even heard mention of the ancient land of Nehekhara but here under the burning desert sun tis enough to freeze a man’s blood. Few even of the wise Tuareg, the Gods preserve them, still remember the names of the cities of humanity’s oldest civilisation: Khemri, Lahmia, Mahrak, Lybaras, Zandri, Quatar and Numas. The Crusaders came to cleanse the beathen of thrice-cursed Sultan Jaffar, but when they returned to your lands of the north few would talk of the horrors they bore witness to. Legends persist of fabulous treasures, of monstrous statues of solid gold and obsidian. And the wise know why it all lies untouched… Are you brave enough to go in search of riches where dead men walk?

A word from ntdars; Khemri, like other fan made Mordheim campaigns, was picked up by the Town Cryer and made into an Official-Unofficial supplement for the game. The files below are a mix of content found on the original Khemri website and other fan made material for the setting as well as the Town Cryer writeups. Visit TC16-21 to see their version of Khemri.