A Small Update (For The Lady)


  • The Bretonnian Knights pdf has been updated & OCR'd by our friend Tomek. In addition, it was pointed out (thanks orccer) that the Sword price of 5gc and lack of Axes in the list was updated in the Annual Errata, so those have been added and changed to the PDF.

Good hunting!



Joys to Spring!


  • New campaign added, Procession of Morr - a 6 scenario long linked campaign by some folks over in the SoCal Mordheim group. Very excited to play through this one!
  • Unrelated to above (although related in theme), added the Dreamwalkers, Cult Of Morr warband written by Felipe Mendez. This went under significant playtesting and was under advisement from The Shadowlord himself, thus is rated 2a.
  • Added the Order Of The Mare warband written by Frederik Edman. This also has gone through significant playtesting and feedback loops (through the Mordheim Discord) so will be at a 2a rating as well. This is a Bretonnia variant warband that has some awesome hero ideas.
  • Added the Wild Magic! scenario from White Dwarf #247 to the White Dwarf Articles section. Thanks JC for finding and sending this!
  • Added a new google sheets roster variant under the roster section by J. Elvin.
  • Added a two page, Expanded Reference Sheet by J. Caputo to the references section.
  • The 2005 Errata has now been OCR'd (made searchable) by Uncle Mel over on Discord - thanks Mel!

Remember to get your Vitamin D,



Happy New Year!! Wishing you all plentiful wyrdstone hunting in 2024.


  • Added the Mordheim Annual to the key, abbreviated A02. This was brought up by Ram Rock Ed First on Discord, that it could be confusing to new players that the "Source" of some documents was tagged as being pulled from Town Cryers, but in actuality they were pulled from the more up to date Mordheim Annual, published in 2002. For example, Ostlanders & Shadow Warriors both have slight changes in the Annual opposed to their Town Cryer releases, so it's important that players are shown which is the most up to date version. The downside to this obviously is that players won't know when the article was originally published, but that will be deep lore for them to learn on their own :)
  • The Mootlanders warband from Citadel Journal 36 were mistakenly moved to 2a when the new page design rolled out earlier this year. They've been switched back to 1b. (Thanks Grak!)
  • Added an updated FAQ file, answers and clarifications from Tuomas on the Mordheim Facebook Group over the years. This was collected by Tomek, and put into text format by Michael over on the Mordheim Discord. In the future, I'm hoping to put together a new 2024 FAQ that combines both files.

See you soon,



Happy Holidays! Undoubtedly this will be the last update of the year, see you all in 2024! For your Christmas celebrations, check out the Yuleheim scenario pack by Alex Cope!

RAW Editable Rulebook Update

Over time, folks have pointed out some simple formatting errors in the RAW Editable Rulebook, which has become very popular over the past few years as the go-to version for printing as it contains all of the Mordheim fluff. The PDF was originally in French, and was mass translated into English along with some tidying up of the formatting to match the original book best as possible. Alas, some things went missed during the formatting that were now tidied up by our own Tomas Webber.

Here is a list of edits made to the file - again, these are just simple formatting mistakes, and no rules have been changed from the previous version. Apologies in advance for not catching this earlier, but please keep in mind that the work I, the team, and contributors do here to uphold these documents is unpaid, and is done at our own leisure for the good of the community.

Lustrian Reavers Warband

In conjunction with Grimforge who will be making the figures themselves, Tuomas has graced us with another warband - the Lustrian Reavers! I've added the beta version of the warband to the warbands page under 1c, and will update it when Tuomas is done. Thanks to Alex Cope for designing the PDF!

Outlaws of Stirwood Forest Redux!

20 years after it's initial release, the son of the Outlaws original author has appeared and shared the original draft of the warband list with some updates! Very exciting to see Mordheim come full circle. I've uploaded a copy to the warbands page under the 2a rating for now. Here is a link to the original post on Facebook if you're interested.

Other changes;

  • Added Instructions to the Blood on the Streets zip. (Thanks Alex D.!)
  • Added a link to Aulenbecks archive of Mordheim-esque posters he's been collecting for years to the Artwork section.
  • Changed a line in the Beastmen PDF; the Centigor previously only had access to the Gor Equipment list, when they should have had access to the list entirely.



Happy Friday all - quick updates today before the weekend;

  • Added a "Covers" section to the Downloads page which has high quality scans of all the rulebook covers, front and back (courtesy of Michael K.)
  • Added the Annual 2002 and Empire In Flames covers.



Some exciting news, I was on one of my favorite wargaming podcasts, Cast Dice, to talk about Broheim! (and other Specialist Games). It's also available over on Spotify.

I invite you to add it to your podcast backlog and give it a spin during your next painting session or journey. Thank you all again for your support :)



Tiny update today,

  • Added a second variant of the "Ultimate Reference Sheet" to the References & Rosters section. I had been looking for this file for quite some time after seeing it in the wild - it was originally published by The Esoteric Order of Gamers. Definitely worth taking a look at!
  • Updated the Third Party Miniature Manufacturers List - at some point I'll probably add to this to include 3d printable miniatures/terrain, but need to figure out how I want to do it. (Thanks Wes!)

Be seeing you!



Quick updates,

  • Uploaded an improved, errata'd, and clarfied version of the "Sons of Hashut" file from the last update, done up by Hernan "Moska" and Dave "StyrofoamKing". There were some clarifications needed from the original doc published in Troll Magazine, and some minor point changes for things to be more in-line with other warbands - you can see the changes they made in the document.
  • Fixed the Beastmen file in the warbands page, which had an unofficial houserule under the Minotaur henchmen which I missed. Thanks Matyas for finding this!
  • Folks for a long time have been asking for a way to check Hired Sword availability by warband - this functionality is probably beyond my capability to make. Thankfully, Emil G. has created just the tool, which is now linked to from the Hired Swords page for accessibility. His page was also added to the Downloads page in the resources section, due to some other awesome tools it has for campaigns.
  • Updated the Orc Mob pdf to include Clubs in their available weaponry - this was errata'd in the 2005 errata, so now the file is accurate.

Be seeing you!



Hello! Some small updates today.

I also wanted to apologize in advance for not getting back to a ton of emails and messages I've recieved across Discord, Facebook, and Reddit the past few months. Life has been very hectic (newborn on the way), so I've been using less and less social media. I promise you are not being ignored, as all the feedback is incredibly vital to this website and keeps it going - I promise I'll get back to you when I can :)

  • Added the "Sons of Hashut" Chaos Dwarf warband to the 1c listing. This was originally published in a Spanish Troll Magazine, and was the ground work for the Border Town Burning Chaos Dwarfs. Thanks very much to H. Garcia for translating this warband and creating the file! (And special thanks to Dave for reminding me to upload it).
  • Updated the Beastmen Raiders (1a) PDF to link to the updated, errata'd version (thanks /u/Hazardous_Toast!)
  • Added a "Maps" section to the Downloads page and did some reshuffling of the resources section.
  • Added this wonderful vintage map made by A. Alemanno to the maps section.
  • Fixed the link to the "Victor Danzig" scenario from the Sylvania campaign (thanks Hernan!)
  • Moved the Gaoler hired sword (written by Tuomas) back to 1b from 1c (thanks Hernan!)

Until next time,



What's good gamers? Special thanks to Niklas for finding a majority of these errors;

  • "Random Happenings" & "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe" have had their source changed from their original Town Cryer publishing to MHA where they were ultimately re-printed - they had some slight changes made to the rules in the latter, which is the most up to date version.
  • "For Whom The Bell Tolls..." additional rules changed from 1b to 1a.
  • Re-added the Bard to the Hired Swords page, which was mistakenly removed.
  • Removed Bone Goliath from the Dramatis Personae page, who was placed there by accident.
  • Fixed Nicodemus's source from MHR to MHA.




Quick updates today;

  • "The New Mordheimer" digital rulebook added to the Rulebook Variants! This is a fully digitzed rulebook, that can be keyword searched. Super handy for smartphones and tablets as well! Thanks to servo_scribe for creating this!
  • Fanatic Magzine Mordheim articles added! These are articles that were not republished in Fanatic Online. Thanks for finding these Aulenbeck!
  • Added the original 06/2005 Rules Review, or Errata, from the last 10th and final issue of Fanatic Magazine to the downloads page!
  • The Hired Sword Compendium file which many Hired Swords link to has been made searchable through OCR - thank you Mazer Rakum from Discord for doing this!
  • Added Albion to the key, abbreviated "ALB". Athel Loren's abbreviation has been changed to "ATH"
  • Added "Eeza Ugezod", Albion Dramatis Personae.
  • Added "Im Abav Yub", Albion Dramatis Personae.
  • Updated the "Skaven of Clan Pestilens, 1b" PDF with a newer, cleaner version - done by Niklas S.! Thank you!

Be seeing you,



Happy New Year!

May your wyrdstone hunting be fruitful! Have some tiny updates today.

  • Added the Pit Fighter Arena minigame by Jervis Johnson to the Additional Rules Page.
  • Added a GoogleSheets roster template from I. Donnelly to the Rosters section under downloads. This is a fully editable sheet on GoogleSheets!
  • Chaos Fury changed from rating 3 to 2a - this Hired Sword was thoroughly playtested by the original creators group, so it should be mostly reliable for your own campaigns. The Dramatis Personae and Scenario in the document will be listed as 2a in the near future as well.
  • After much feedback, the Norse list from Border Town Burning has been changed from 1b to 1c, to be more in line with the rest of the supplement.
  • The Gaoler has been moved from 1a to 1c. Although he was written by Tuomas, the hired sword did not go under strenuous playtesting, nor was published by the official GW Mordheim team. It is more fitting for the 1c category.
  • Fixed a bug on the warbands page where you couldn't sort the 1c table (Thanks Hernan!)
  • Categorized the downloads from the "Warpstones Belong To Us" supplements on it's campaign page (thanks Benoit!)
  • Updated the Dramatis Personae page to the new format (same as Hired Swords/Warbands)

Till next time,



Happy Holidays, and goodbye to 2022!

Here's to another year of Mordheim. Some end of year updates for you all;

New rating!

Rating 2 was becoming a massive category as more folks create Mordheim content - especially warbands. As some of you may have seen, a poll was posted on the Facebook group if people liked the option of splitting that rating into two new ones, which has launched today!;

  • 2a "Reliable, created and tested by fans and gaming groups. Will likely blend well with grade 1 warbands."
  • 2b "Supplemental, also reliable, but are better suited for their specific campaign."

With this change, the Warbands and Hired Sword pages has been updated, with the Dramatis Personae page to follow! Hopefully, this will allow more room for new creations and help categorize material for new and old players alike.

Mordheim Facebook Group Competition Entries!

I've uploaded the (what I think are the most updated) Hired Sword & Dramatis Personae from the competition which ended this month! Here is a link to the original post on Facebook with the winners. Almost all of these entries have a rating of 3 for now, since I am unsure if they were playtested or not by their respective creators. If you were an author or have experience using them, give me a shout so we can possibly change their rating!

The entries include;

Hired Swords

  • Barber-Surgeon
  • Cardinal of Contagion
  • Chaos Fury
  • Knight of the White Wolf
  • Knight Panther
  • Rat King
  • Raving Straggler

Dramatis Personae

  • Aksho'akhash, the Vile Dreadwing
  • Billie
  • Dashing Swordsman
  • Dr. Doppler, Mr. Genag
  • Inigo Tio
  • Roi Ballaume
  • Leonardo da Miragliano
  • Myrina and her Keik
  • No-Eyes Ned
  • The Fishmonger
  • The Grandmother
  • The Headsman
  • Zleda the Jaded

Innominatus, the Tilean Gladiator

With the help of Tuomas P., the Mordheim Italia group has put together a 1c rated Dramatis Personae - Innominatus, the Tilean Gladiator! here is a link to the original post, and you can find the rules on the Dramatis Personae page!

GrimForge has also created a model for this new DP, which you can find here!

Random Updates & Changelog;

  • Added a new campaign coming soon from Styroheim, Chaos Wastes!. This is currently in it's development stages, but give it a shot if you'd like to play Mordheim with your Warcry warbands!
  • New Warband, Ogre Hunting Party, from Styroheim added to Warbands page!
  • New Warband, Skaven of Clan Moulder, added to the warbands page! This is one of the best thought out Moulder lists we've seen, with lots of flavor for the clan. Written by Yodhrin on TBMF some years ago.
  • Added a redux of the Mousillion campaign file under it's campaign page. Thanks to J. Peery for the reformat!
  • Updated the newest version of the Albion campaign map by Christiaan Gerritsen - now available in Spanish as well thanks to H. Garcia!
  • Updated the Snotlings warband PDF to the latest version.
  • After feedback, added the Priest of Morr & Wolf Priest of Ulric mercenary heroes to the Additional Rules page as well for visibility.



Good August all - yes I am still here, with some exciting updates :)

International Community Pages

Mordheim is worldwide, a large portion of players aren't English speaking. I've added an "International" section to Resources so you can find translated texts and communities for various languages.

The WarpStones Belong To Us

Added another campaign, "The WarpStones Belong To Us", also written by Jim Weaver of "Vampire Hunters" fame. This campaign can be played competively or cooperatively during a massive Skaven-infestation of Mordheim. Special thanks to Benjamin S. who dug up these 10+ year old files and campaign for the world to enjoy again. If anyone is in contact with either of the Weaver brothers, send them my way! Would love to dig into some more of the content they wrote.

The Albion Campaign Map

Christiaan G. of the Mordheim Facebook Group has constructed an excellent Albion map in the same vein as the Mordheim campaign map released last year. I've reconstructed the Albion campaign page and added a high-res copy of the map for those interested. Fantastic stuff Christiaan!

Random Updates & Changelog;

  • Updated the TC29 Clan Pestilens warband PDF with a newer version that includes the errata. Thanks to whoever created this and Niklas for sending it over!
  • Added a coloured version of the Mordheim map under the Resources section.
  • Added a link to high resolution scans of Blood On The Streets buildings generously hosted and done up by Michael K.
  • Added Empire In Flames to the campaign page which links directly to the supplement on the Downloads page, as visitors couldn't find it before.



Hello there!

New Printable Annual 2002

That's right folks! This morning I monotonously went through every single page of our standing scanned copy of the Annual and color corrected/formatted them into a more printable format. The copy we have linked now will remain as the default as it's a smaller file, but you can find this new printer-friendly version under the Rules section on the Downloads page.

Enjoy my friends, until next time.



A very smol update.


  • Removed the Beastmen TC7 and TC29 links from the Warbands page - this was confusing to many new players as both of these versions are not the final versions of the Warband.
  • Added the Empire In Flames version of the Beastmen list to the Warbands list - this links straight to the Empire In Flames book. (Please note that the warband was also Errata'd, which can be seen in the 2005 Rules review on the Downloads page).
  • Changed the link of the Carnival of Chaos warband to also go straight to the Empire In Flames book, to avoid needless PDF cloning and any further confusion of the latest version of the warband.
  • Added EIF (Empire In Flames) to the key.

Thanks to B. Wood for finding this error, and my usual squad of folks (TM, MK, RBR, and JS) for the assist clarifying these changes! Until next time.



Happy Hump Day all. Squeezing in some quick updates today.


  • Replaced the Tomb Guardians pdf with a direct link to the Town Cryer publication instead, as the original was missing the spell list and some other stuff. (Thanks Jim!)
  • Luthor Wolfenbaum's grade changed from 2 to 1c, seeing as how he was written by Tuomas.
  • Renamed "Vehicles Of The Empire" to "Wagons" on the Add'l Rules page to be a bit easier to find. Boats are part of the same article, but left for visibility. (Thanks Niklas!)

Updated Night Goblin Warband

Good buddy Pathfinder Dubstyles over on TMBF has finalized his revised version of Terry Maltman's Night Goblin list - many thanks to the folks who helped with this project! I believe it is the "definitive" Night Goblin list, and will be rated 1c after tons of feedback from the community. I've posted his changelist below to the newest version which you can find here or on the warbands page.

  • Re-balance of XP, costs, and characteristics of all heroes. Of special note: Goonz just simply do not perform well, they are worse than most warband's henchmen, starting XP and cost reduced.
  • Removed restriction on Academic skills for promoted henchmen. Feel free to try and assemble the Gobboplooza by spending far too much on Tomes of Magic!
  • Added the missing miscellaneous equipment category, and more missile weapon options for Heroes.
  • Netter skill changed to allow nets to be used like caltrops. Now the skill is much simpler and more useful in my opinion. It no longer allows you to knock enemies down, but is great for helping Night Goblin Heroes avoid close combat.
  • Added the Ride Squig Skill, a huge request!
  • Shaman gains a new starting ability: Fungus Brew! It allows a Shaman to turn Mad Caps into a random effect potions for a single henchmen group. This encourages larger henchmen groups, something no other warband does not my knowledge (thanks to Andrew Aulenback back for the idea).
  • Simplified Snotlings even more and clarified how they effect warband size and rout checks.
  • Clarified how Squigs “climb” as it is somewhat vague in the original Orc and Goblin rules.
  • Returned the 6th spell to its original effect as it was written in the Forest Goblin warband, and reworded its description to not imply that it only affects Goblins.
  • Lots of grammar and format changes to be more consistent, and less reliant of other documents.
  • Probably some stuff I forgot about... but this is the final version (hopefully).



New Additions (No pun intended)

Hello all! Excited to announce I've finally gotten around to adding the highly requested Additional Rules page - you can find it on the bar up top!

This page is meant to provide clarity to a host of additional rules for "core" Mordheim, mostly printed in the Town Cryers, Fanatic/Specialist magazines, or made by fans. Rules from supplements will eventually work their way in as well, as long as they're not super specific to that supplement (It's assumed if you're playing that campaign, you will be reading the special rules specific to that campaign).

I'm sure I am missing a ton of rules that need to be added, please let me know what you'd like to see on the page :)


  • Added additional rules page.
  • Removed additional rules section from the Downloads page.
  • Moved the Artwork, Inserts, & Other Stuff category to it's own section on the resources page. Down the line I'd love to fill this out a bit more.
  • Fixed some more broken links from last update (Thanks Benoit D.!)
  • Dark Emissary & Truthsayer on the Dramatis Personae page have had their PDF's updated and grade switched from 3 (mistakenly) to 1b. (Thanks Niklas S.!)
  • Added the Ostermark Mercenaries warband from Fanatic Online 19 to the warbands page. (Thanks Matt. S!)



A Mutiny In Marienburg filled update!

Some quick updates today - I had gotten a few reminders that the Warbands and Dramatis Personae from the Mutiny In Marienburg Annual had not been added to the respective Warband/DP pages. I've added those today.


  • Added Fen Guard to the warbands page.
  • Added Knights of the Bitter Moors to the warbands page.
  • Added Guild of Disgraced Engineers to the warbands page.
  • Added Call of the Night Haint to the warbands page.
  • Added Underworld Alliance to the warbands page.
  • Added Nibbles, the Grand Sneak/Stab of Bitter Stink to the Dramatis Personae page.
  • Added Slave Master Haggard, the Stone Daemon of Suidock to the Dramatis Personae page.
  • Added Mor’Kahn, the Black Sea Devil to the Dramatis Personae page.
  • Added Hauppman Heinrich of the River Watch to the Dramatis Personae page.
  • Updated the Mutiny In Marienburg campaign page.
  • Added Heresy Lab to the Third Party Providers section.
  • Added Conqueror Models to the Third Party Providers section.
  • Added Rackham Miniatures to the Third Party Providers section.
  • Added the Original Lustria webpage to the Forgotten Lands section.
  • Added the Original Specialist Games webpage to the Forgotten Lands section.
  • The Ostlander warband PDF has been corrected - previously it was linking to the TC11 version of the warband, but it was errata'd in the Annual. Thanks to Tim M. for finding this error and as always, if there are any mistakes please let me know!
  • The Kislevite warband PDF has also been corrected same as above from TC16 to the Annual.
  • Replaced the Dark Elf warband PDF with an updated copy straight from the new TC scans.
  • Corrected Outlaws of Stirwood Forest rating from 1a to 1b, as they were released in Town Cryer and not reprinted in the Annual. (Thanks Benoit)



Spring returns to Mordheim!

Rejoice! Today marks a special day, as heaping amount of Mordheim related content has been refurbished by one of our fellow community members to last us through the ages.

Thanks go to Michael K., who has painstakingly been re-scanning and updating all of the originally published Mordheim material. As you know, most of the scans on Broheim are showing their age, so it's about time they've received a facelift. Michael's scans are very, very high quality, so a lot of them have been compressed for ease of use on Broheim.

If you'd like to access his highest quality scans, you can do so here on his personal Google Drive. Most of this content will also be on Broheim in a condensed, more viewer-friendly format.


  • Added Best of Town Cryer. As far as I know, a scan of this publication has never existed. Michael's scan is complete and wonderful. For newbies, BOTC is a collection of the best articles from all Town Cryers and offer a condensed view of must-have additional rules.
  • All Town Cryers have been updated with Michael's new scans.
  • Updated original White Dwarf articles 223-229 with Michael's new scans.
  • Updated the Mordheim Annual 2002 file with Michael's new scan.
  • Added the full Ulli & Marquand graphic novel under Artwork, Inserts, & Other Stuff section.
  • Added the Empire In Flames full colour insert to the downloads page.
  • Added the Town Cryer 21 Map insert underneath it's corresponding TC entry.



Happy New Year! Again!

Another year, another adventure! Mordheim seems to be growing faster than ever, so as usual I'll try to keep things updated here as they come (when time permits of course).

I've received a ton of emails over the holidays that I need to comb through, apologies if I get to yours late! Going to be slowly adding some updates this week as they come in.


  • Uploaded Tuomas's new Mordheim Map Campaign file to his New Rules section under Downloads. This was relased on the Mordheim Facebook group and hosts some pretty sweet campaign rules.
  • Added a PDF version of Luthor Wolfenbaum (by Tuomas Pirinen) to the Dramatis Personae section. Thanks to Andras G. for making the PDF!
  • Added a Witch Hunter Pavise rule PDF, also created by Benoît “Dreadaxe” Dumeaux under the New Rules from Tuomas section.
  • Created an "Art" section under Downloads, with it's first upload being the original Cover Art in high resolution for safe keeping. I'll be hoping to add more to this section in the future as well.
  • Added the color insert from the main rulebook and it's inside/outside covers to the Art section. Many thanks to Michael K. for getting this scanned, and hoping for more to come.
  • Added a Citadel Journal article section under Downloads, with it's only entry to the magazine (so we think). If there are more articles in CJ we're missing (outside of the Mootlander warband), please send them in! Thanks to Michael K. for the scan.
  • Huge special thanks to Aulenbeck who has heavily updated the Master Equipment and Master Skill lists, now viewable under the references section. These links will go to his original GoogleSheets where updates will be made occassionally.
  • Added a missing scenario from the Expanded Campaign Rules, Fanatic Online #88 -- "The Shadowlord's Doorstep". This scenario was found on a very old forum post and I threw together a PDF to carry on it's legacy. You can find it next to it's corresponding article on the Downloads page. Thanks for Kurt B. and Matt S. for finding this.

Last but not least, a Mordheim Discord server has been created! Come hop in on the action - you can reach me there directly as well.



Happy Spooktober!


  • A new Empire In Flames PDF is available! This version is much cleaner (and prettier) than the old version.
  • .
  • Moved Dark Jester from the Hired Swords section to the Dramatis Personae section where he rightfully belongs. (Thanks Niklas S.)
  • Added "The Innocents" Warband. This was created by Jonas A. & Matt S. for the Mordheim Facebook Group Warband Competition, he has since updated it a bit from the original zip file I posted below. The version on the Warbands page is definitive.
  • Added the "Ostermark Roadwardens" and "Drowned Dead" warbands from Andrew A., also created for the Facebook Group Warband Competition.
  • Added an amazing PDF done by Benoît “Dreadaxe” Dumeaux for Tuomas's newer written "Witch Hunter Rabble Rousing" rules. You can find it under "New From Tuomas" in the Downloads section.
  • Updated Town Cryer 8 with a newer, complete version. This version contains the full issue where the previous was missing a few pages. (Thanks Tomas W.)
  • Added a "Master Equipment Table" to the Resources section. This is a reformated and more user friendly version of the Master Equipment List. (Thanks Evan)




Some of you thought I was dead! Lots of great updates today.


  • The Mordheim Facebook Groups' Warband creation competition is now complete! These entries will be added to the Warbands page in due time. For now, I've compiled all the entries into a ZIP file if you'd like to view them. You can see the winners announcement post here.
  • Added an editable rulebook variant to the Rules section. We can assume that this is the raw rulebook file that was used when writing Mordheim! Check the rules section under Downloads for more information - very exciting. (Special thanks to Lauri K. & Andras G.)
  • Revisted the Rules section to be a bit more user friendly.
  • Added Westfalia Miniatures to the Third Party Miniatures section (Thanks Aulenbeck)
  • Added Black Tree Design to the Third Party Miniatures section (Thanks Tim I.)
  • Added the "Desolation" setting to the Campaign page, with a link to their personal page. This is set in the Chaos Wastes in the far north - perfect campaign if you have some Warcry miniatures lying around that need use.
  • The "Nemesis Crown" link on the Campaigns page now links to the rulebook, which is all you will need to get started with that fantastic campaign.
  • Added the missing dungeon tile to the Vampire Hunters Campaign page! This was a real treasure hunt that occurred on the Mordheim facebook group. Special thanks to Evan D. for digging it up in his personal files.
  • Added another blank, HD, uncolored Mordheim map to the Resources section. (Thanks Jonathan H. for formatting this!)



Happy New Year!

Another year for Broheim! Thank you all for your continued support on this project - without the help and praise of the wonderful Mordheim community, this index simply wouldn't exist. I do apologize in advance for somewhat infrequent updates; as we all know..life happens. There's always things in the queue!

With that said, I've added a new page to Broheim! A different game I picked up recently and surprisingly not Mordheim related. However, it was a game that Games Workshop did at one time support from a past age...

With enough searching you can probably find this hidden webpage. It may even be of some use to you if you're traveling into dark dungeons, in search of treasure and glory. If you're coming from a related Facebook group well, you'll already know where to go ;)

Until next time,



Hey all! Still around. Time for some updates.


  • Added a wonderful fully printable rulebook done by Christian I. to the rules section. This contains all three sections of the Errata'd rules and book cover in a printable format.
  • Added Encampments Pt.3 to the Downloads section under Fanatic Online publications (Thanks Jimmy H.)
  • Added V&V Miniatures, Lead Adventure Miniatures, Claymore Castings, & Dunkeldorf Miniatures to Third Party Providers.
  • Fixed the Random Happenings' link in the Downloads section.
  • Added King of the Castle, Killershrike, & the Athel Loren webpages to the Forgotten Lands section.

New Rules by Tuomas Pirinen;

I've added a section under the Additional Rules section that will host Tuomas's newly written Mordheim rules from the past few years - these were posted on the Mordheim Facebook group or his own personal page. A link of each post including any PDF's of the rules can be found there.

  • Added the Child Of Light PDF (Thank you Maurizio S.)
  • Added the Cursed Cavalcade PDF - remember, these are beta rules.
  • Added a link to the Witch Hunter Rabble Rousing post - no PDF yet.
  • Added a link to the Pavise Rules post - no PDF yet.

The Enemy Within Campaign;

  • Being adapted from the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, this campaign is still WIP from the well known Nuno M. - the campaign link goes to his personal blog where you can follow his process and any files related to the supplement.

Albion Campaign;

  • The link to the Albion campaign via the Campaign page now goes to the Mordheimer's PDF - this version is packed with extra content and includes the original as well.

Vampire Hunters Campaign;

  • Created a basic Vampire Hunters campaign page with a link to the zipped files and some background. This is an excellent Cooperative campaign set in Ostermark.

Relics of the Crusades Campaign;

  • Created a basic Relics of the Crusades campaign page with links to the rules which were published in Fanatic Online magazine (see downloads section).



Still here!

Hey guys! Been slackin' on some updates due to life happening. Don't fret, they're coming!. Additional Rules is up next.

As always, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or want something added. For those who have already written me, I'll get back to you when I can.




  • Added a "Races" column to the Warbands page!
  • Added two new White Dwarf articles from the Canadian supplements to the Downloads page [Thanks to Aulenback]
  • Added a HD Mordheim Map Blank to the Downloads page [Thanks to Brad]
  • Added Cadwallon Miniatures & Freebooter Miniatures to Third Party Providers. [Thanks to Aulenback]

Mutiny In Marienburg Campaign;

  • Created the campaign page for this great supplement.
  • I've written a pretty brief breakdown on the status of the campaign on it's page, for those interested I invite you to read it. If any of the facts are wrong, please let me know.



Some slight updates today.


  • Added the new and improved Aristocracy Of The Night PDF to the Additional Rules section on the downloads page. I hope you all enjoy it.
  • Added the even "newer" Night Goblins list to the Warbands page. This is a recreation of Terry Maltmans famous rendition of the Warband by Pathfinder over at TBMF. I'd consider it the definitive Night Goblin warband.
  • Fixed all the Jump Links on the Downloads and Updates page (see right hand side). These were broken for years but an easy fix for a big quality of life improvement.

Campaign Page Changes

From now on, any supplements that have their web pages still active + useable I'll be linking to on the campaigns page instead of creating their own unique web page. I'll still be hosting their files here though for safekeeping.

  • Added link to the Sealed City homepage.
  • Added link to the Border Town Burning homepage.
  • Added link to the Sartosa homepage.

Have a great weekend all :)



Happy New Year!(ish)

Yes, I'm still here. I hadn't checked the Broheim email for some time and was super pleased to see that so many people had written, throwing me tons of new content to work with and ideas - really shows the dedication of the Mordheim player base. I rerouted the email so I'll be able to see them easier now as well, thank you guys for the kind words.


  • Added MRoster to the Downloads/Resources Page [Thanks to Joel Samuelsson]
  • Added the Wood Elves of Athel Loren Warband [Thanks to Matthew]
  • Added MOM Miniatures to the Third Party Miniature Providers.
  • Added the Goblin Raiders, Hobgoblin Horde, Dwarf Slayer Cult & Snotlings Warbands [Thanks to Styrofoam King]
  • Added the Citadel Journal (CJ) to the key.
  • Added Mootlander Warband from CJ36.
  • Added the original "making of Mordheim" White Dwarf articles on the Downloads page.

Athen Loren Campaign;

  • Added the campaign rules to the Campaigns Page.
  • The four warbands from the supplement were added to the Warbands page; Dwarf Troll Slayers, Savage Orcs, Skaven of Clan Skryre (yes, another one) and Wood Elf Scouts.
  • Hyperlink of the official website added to the Forgotten Lands on the resources page.

Notes on Athel Loren; it seems this supplement was still heavily WIP, but there is quite a lot of content for it. TommyPunk seemed to help with it's creation quite a bit of Khemri fame, so I hope sometime down the line someone gets to polishing it out. As of now the entire supplement is given a 3 rating unless someone can attest for it's balance/quality.

Original Athel Loren Website

Karak Eight Peaks Campaign;

  • Added the campaign rules to the Campaigns Page.
  • The warbands of this supplement were added back in June last year, you can find them on the Warbands page or in the supplement PDF.

Notes on Karak Eight Peaks; This supplement was created by noigrim on TomsBoringMordheimForum in January, 2017. It can easily be used in conjunction with the well defined Karak Azgal campaign - I suggest that people use the Underground rules in the Khemri Campaign setting as well. The warbands were given a score of 2 to be in line with the Karak Azgal warbands.

Karak Eight Peaks TBMF Thread




  • Updated all the Fluff Text for Border Town Burning, Mutiny In Marienburg, & Relics Of The Crusades on the campaigns page.
  • Added Sylvania campaign page.
  • Added Karak Azgal campaign page.
  • Added Mousillon campaign page.
  • Added a Favicon!
  • Added a Third Party Miniatures segment to the Downloads & Resources page.

I'm still here! See you all soon.




  • Added Empire In Flames PDF to Downloads.
  • Updated all pre-standing Hired Sword & Dramatis Personae entries with PDF's.
  • Added Mutiny In Marienburg Warbands, Hired Swords & Dramatis Personae.
  • Added Sealed City Warbands, Hired Swords & Dramatis Personae.
  • Added Karak Eight Peaks Warbands.
  • Added Sylvania Dramatis Personae;
    • The Headless Horseman
    • Sigmund Spindle, The Harvester Of Flesh

Other news; I've started construction on the "Campaign" pages. I've created a rough template for one using the Sylvania campaign here; link

Please provide any feedbeck to me via email on the bottom of the page or on the Mordheim FB group. Talk to you soon!




  • Updated the Druchii PDF to the latest version from the older Mordheimer version.
  • Fixed the PDF link for Vampire Hunters Of Sylvania.
  • Added Grave Robbers Warband (SYL).
  • Added Masters Of Horror Warband (SYL).
  • Added Survivors Of Strigos Warband (SYL).
  • Added WWW to the Key for Fan made content from around the web.
    • Added Altdorf Expeditionary Party Warband (WWW).
    • Added Grudgebearers Warband (WWW).

Other news; Going to be updating all the Dramatis Personae/Hired Swords PDF's this weekend for you guys. Simply put, there are a LOT of Mordheim PDF's going around the web, a lot of which are just copies of bits from Town Cryers, LOD, other publications etc. For Broheim, I don't want to introduce more PDF's into the community unless necessary, so all these links will be straight to the publication page itself or to a previously existing PDF if the quality is acceptable.




  • Added a Legal page to the bottom of the website.
  • Re-created the Dramatis Personae and Hired Swords pages;
    • Many PDF's and entries are missing - they will be updated in the coming weeks! Take a look at the Mordheim Facebook Group Hired Swords from their contest if you haven't already.




  • Changed Bretonnian Chapel Guard grade from a "3" to a "2" - thanks M. Scholz from the FB group!
  • Added Mutiny In Marienburg to the campaigns list.
  • Added The Sealed City to the campaigns list.
  • Added The Enemy Within to the campaigns list.
  • Fixed header bar bug where it would expand further than it should.
  • Added a link to the Broheim Trello to the footer of the website. You can now view up and coming releases and what's in the backlog! If you have a Trello account, you can also comment and suggest new projects for me to work on within Broheim.




  • Added Sartosa, Relics of the Crusades, and some other miscellaneous warbands to the master list.
  • Added Heroes of Mordheim to the downloads section under additional rules.



Holy Guacamole! Warbands!

What you find on the Warbands page right now might be the largest and most comprehensive list of Mordheim Warbands on the web right now. Using Cianty's awesome grading system, I've added to his Master List and then some! I'm still missing a few from his list, but from my end so far I've been able to add Karak Azgal, Mousillon, and soon to be some Sartosa stuff maybe! This whole week is gonna be a lot of updating...



Not dead!

Taking an extended vacation. Future updates to come soon...like Campaign pages!

Also...check out the sortable tables on the Warbands page :)



Scenarios galore!

Updates for the day;

  • Holy mother of god, scenarios. The Mordheimer master list of scenarios is absolutely insane, it will probably take a few hours to import by hand. I hope I can actually FIND all of the scenarios on this list - wish me luck folks.
  • I've set up a Trello so everyone can track progress, and help keep myself organized. You can view that badboy right here.




Updates for the day;

  • Tooltips are a go! If you see a , hover over it to see source information on whatever it is you're looking at. If you see a , that means I don't have that information...maybe you should submit it to me? :D
  • Working on Hired Swords now, will add as many as I can.
  • Added the "Forgotten Lands" section under Publications in Downloads - these will be hyperlinks to dead and alive Mordheim databases scattered around the web. Please let me know what I'm missing!
  • Switched "Settings" to campaigns across the board, I think it will make more sense down the road.



Let's get back to work, shall we?

Updates for the day;

  • Hired Swords Page Reworked and Under Construction
  • Offical Hired Swords Added
  • Karak Azgal Hired Swords Added
  • Khemri Hired Swords Added
  • Facebook Hired Sword Contestants Added
  • Fixed Header so it shouldn't bug out on Mobile anymore
  • Starting work on Tooltips for Information about Selections, will make it much cleaner and easier to read for everyone!

Expect more updates soon!




Updates for the day;

  • Added "Resources" to the Downloads section.
  • Updated Karak Azgal Dramatis Personae.
  • Updated Khemri Dramatis Personae.
  • Added Khemri Warbands.

In addition, I've made Hired Swords, Scenarios and some other pages unaccessible until they're finished to avoid confusion. If you have any comments or anything, please let me know in the Toms thread Here! - or, reach out to me on /r/Mordheim! (I mod there.)



Back In Action

After a long hiatus, I have finally found the time to continue (and hopefully) flesh out this project. Starting out, you should be able to find all the PDF's I've found over the years of Warbands in their corresponding page. Let's get this show on the road! Oh, and Happy Birthday to me! :D



Welcome to Broheim!

Hello! I (ntdars) have just launched this website tonight. It's been my personal project to collect ALL Mordheim related information on the net and combine it into one place - here. Please feel free to look around but please be aware this is a MASSIVE WIP. Also, there are a metric ton of placeholder images and pictures that I found randomly on the web, so please don't get mad at me if you were the original artist of those. I just think they look cool.