Since Mordheim's creation, it has always been a game that was expanded on and grew with the imagination of its community. Player made content was what made Mordheim such a special system, and it's important that the awesome settings made by teams throughout the years is not forgotten. Below you will find numerous settings for your Mordheim campaigns, made by individual persons and groups (some of which were even published by Games Workshop!) and where they originated from. A special thanks to all the people that made Mordheim the game it is today! - ntdars

Albion, Island Of The Old World

Shrouded by an impenetrable mist for aeons the secrets of this inhospitable country are a mystery. But the promise of untold treasures and a powerful magic wrought by the mystical Ogham Stones throughout the land lures the unwary and the boldest of sea captains and treasure hunters. Brave to face the perils of the damned, the adventurers come, some to be dashed upon the rocks or swallowed by a fog from which there is no return. Others fall prey to the island itself: the rolling fens, impenetrable forests and dark quagmires within which unmentionable creatures are spawned. Yet there is more to this place, a powerful magic, a sense of struggle of a time to come so believe the soothsayers, and that the fate of the Old World is somehow linked to its mysteries…

Athel Loren, Kingdom Of The Wood Elves

Athel Loren is the oldest Forest in the Old World. It is a magical, but dark and haunted place where malicious spirits roam through the twisted undergrowth and tiny darting shapes flit between the trees on the edge of vision. The Forest itself is like a single consciousness and is aware of all that occurs within its boundaries. It is perfectly willing to crush any that enter its borders, whether they have evil intentions or not.

Border Town Burning, Chaos In The Far East

The Champion of Chaos and his retinue spread terror in the Cathayan borderlands. Will a band of heroes rise to stop these barbarians or will the peaceful inhabitants find their border town burning?

Chaos Wastes, Battle for Zanbaijin

Far in the North is the lost city of Zanbaijin, a sprawling ruin of great age and wonder. It is said the city will only appear when an Everchosen is ready to be crowned, for Zanbaijin serves as the final arena where they prove themselves worthy to lead. What more fitting place for the warbands of the chaos wastes to prove their mettle, to gain the eye of the Everchosen and of the Gods themselves?

Desolation, Warbands of Chaos Battle in the North

The Chaos Wastes lie in the polar region of the Warhammer world, and are the natural home of Demons and Chaos warriors. This place is the arena in which the Dark Gods of Chaos play the Great Game. These wars are fought simply to advance the mysterious designs of the principal Five Dark Gods. But even in these extreme conditions, warbands of adventurers seek glory and powerful artifacts, led by mysterious calls from the abyss of the winds of magic.

Empire In Flames, Fighting in the Untamed Wilderness of the Empire

Beyond the great walls of our fair and prosperous cities, beyond the fertile fields of the open plains that surround them lie the barren moors, the cold forbidding mountains and the dark, sinister forests of the Empire. What horrors lie within these malignant, desolate places? What foul, twisted creatures lie in wait for unwary travellers, driven on by evil, bestial instincts? These are the dark shadows of the Empire where honest Sigmarfearing folk dare not to tread and only desperate or foolhardy men are lured by the dark secrets that they harbour…

The Enemy Within, A Narrative Campaign Within The Empire

"The Enemy Within" is a Mordheim campaign set in the Empire of Sigmar, expanded from the rules and scenarios set out in the "Empire in Flames" campaign setting. The campaign takes direct inspiration from the much-acclaimed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 6-book campaign "The Enemy Within", which set a standard for intrigue and diplomacy in many other fantasy roleplay games for the following decades.

Karak Azgal, Battles Underground

In it's heyday the City of Jewels, Karak Izril in the Dwarf tongue formed perhaps the most extravagant Hold that has ever been built. Once ranked amongst the largest and certainly wealthiest of Dwarf settlements. It was said that in Karak Izril every Dwarf had a large gem as a doorknob. It was ultimately this wealth that lead to it's downfall. With the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many of the trade routes to the other Dwarf strongholds were open to the Orcs who poured through the mountain passes to assault the neighbouring Holds.

Karak Eight Peaks, Death Under The Eight Peaks

Three thousand years ago, Greenskins invaded the Dwarf Hold of Karak Eight Peaks, it's caverns and tunnels were taken by Night Goblins and Skaven while, in it's black depths, horrors without name crawled through the old mines and nestled in those forsaken places. After a few years, the Night Goblins had settled in the ruins and divided themselves in several tribes encamped on the surrounding mountains and in the tunnels that sneaked under them.

Although the dwarfs have tried often to reconquer Karak Eight Peaks, they haven't had any success in their attemps until recently, when a Dwarf Lord called Belegar set up a fortified bridgehead in the old citadel. Albeit the Dwarfs must live in a permanent state of siege, they have expanded slowly their domains, cleansing the upper levels of Night Goblins and other creatures. Belegar hopes to recover someday all that once was his ancestors, but the Goblins are numerous and increase without pause.

Khemri, Land Of The Dead

There are few in the Old World who have heard of Nekekhara. Fewer still rememeber the names of the cities of old. Khemri, Lhamia and Numas. The Crusaders came, but when they left few would talk of what they saw. Legends persist of fabulous treasures. Are you brace enough to go in search of gold where dead men walk?

Lustria, Cities Of Gold

Lustria is a mostly tropical continent located to the south of the Naggaroth in the New World, modelled in many ways on medieval South America. Lustria is inhabited by the Lizardmen but has recently started to be colonised by peoples from the Old World.

Mousillon, City Of Lost Souls

Welcome to Mousillon, Unfortunate Traveler. An ill fate has brought you to this gate. For beyond is the cursed city of lost souls. Here you will not find rest from your journey. There is no peace in Mousillon. The streets are a breeding ground for the Red Pox which decimated the population over two centuries ago. Here it was that Bretonnian honour failed. Forsaking the vows of chivalry, Duke Maldred brought doom to Mousillon. Now the mists hide spirits of evil intent, and innocent victims are brought to bitter ends. Do not linger here. I implore you to leave this place before you are forever bound to wander the empty streets and buildings; searching...

Searching like I do, for something, or someone...

Mutiny In Marienburg, City Of Secret Deals

"Marienburg is a city of plotters and schemers. It has to be, to survive. Your scheme was not the first and will not be the last to threaten our independence from Karl Franz's Empire. But today – ah, today we remain free." - Prince Aloysious Ambrosius, Marsh Warden

The Nemesis Crown, Hunt In The Great Forest

Lying deep within the heart of the Empire, the locale presents a problem for the Vampire Counts, the Skaven Lords, the Chaos Champions and the other warlords who would search for the fabled relic. Marching an army roughshod through the lands of the Empire would be a foolish and inefficient use of resources. If these races are to scour the very heart of the land then stealth and subterfuge will be required.

And being a dark, dense, tangled and vast area of wilderness, the Great Forest contains many areas too wild and remote for even the Empire's own armies to access. Thus the responsibility for scouring for clues will often fall to small foraging parties, operating beneath the gaze of the armies who march upon the region.

Relics Of The Crusades, Crusades Of Araby

Read on and you will discover the strange events surrounding the Plain of Haytin during the period known as the crusades. As some readers will know, many years ago the Sultan Jaffar led the armies of Araby to conquer Estalia. They had a tentative hold on the land until the knightly orders of the Old World and Bretonnia amassed a mighty force and drove them out. However, loud voices arose from priest and prince alike to escalate the fight into Araby and these wars became known as the crusades. For a comprehensive account of the crusades, I suggest you read the magnificent histories of Wilhelm of Tabacland. This chronicle simply deals in depth with the final battlefield of Prince Arnyld and the treasure seekers who sought the valuables of his destroyed army around the year 1815.

Sartosa, The Pirate Isle

A collage of cutthroats, thieves, and beggars, with no loyalty to king, captain, or kin. Every living soul on the isle knows the value of sinew and insincerity… the honest souls you can find floating by the piers, deprived of their wallets.

The Sealed City, Journey To The Great Ocean

Far in the Great Ocean's north an island has risen from the sea with a city, built of pitch black stone, sitting enthroned on its cliffed surface. As words spread, an expedition of nobles and scholars, merchants and fortune hunters, fueled by greed and a craving for power sailed from Tilea northwest to snaffle all that is worth taking.

But where the rumour-mongers openly speak of wealth and discoveries, none dare to speak of the deep, crawling shadows and what may lurk in them. Treasures may justify many risks. As do secrets. But some secrets shouldn't ever be unveiled for the spreading madness and primeval horror they might contain...

Sylvania, Home Of The Vampires

Ware thee, fool, for this is nothing like ye've ever seen 'afore. The dead, they dinna rest easy in this here soil. Pushes 'em right back up, it does. And the Lords and Ladies o' de realm, why they be the devil themselves! Nothing but tooth and claw there, me boy. So, still fancy yerself ready to travel the lands of Sylvania? Ready to come face to face with Vampires, zombies ana ghoul or two? Well, perhaps ye can sign up with some Hunters... none o' dose fanatics from Altdorf, mind you. Proper men, who fight back with silver and sword against those who hunt in the night. Vampire Hunters by trade, they fight to reclaim the night. While on the path, be wary of the Strigany. Vagabonds and cutpurses they may be, but that be the least of yer worries. The Strigoi travel with them, come to repay old debts to the von Carsteins in blood. Ye look ill, boy. Need a drink to settle yer nerves? Mayhap yer not ready afterall...

Vampire Hunters, Cooperative Play In Ostermark

It is the year 2009. Ten years have passed since the Hammer of Sigmar smashed the corrupt city of Mordheim. Ostermark lies helpless in the chaos of civil war while just to the south, across the river Stir, a great evil prepares to reveal itself. In little more than a year, the massive undead army of Vlad Von Carstein will explode upon the Empire and change the course of history.

The WarpStones Belong To Us, A Rat-Infested Campaign for Mordheim

Rumors swirl in Mordheim that a warband recently discovered a massive warpstone, fragmented into five shards, near the dreaded Pit in the Southeast Quarter. Only one member of the warband returned, crazed and mutated, and mercifully expired soon after. He whispered of shards that burned with black flames, driving his mates mad after they had handled them. While several subsequent explorations of the Pit area by various warbands found no evidence of the shards themselves, mutated bodies and strangely burned buildings (how can wood melt?) lend credence to the story.

A powerful Imperial guild has hired several warbands to search for the shards, providing them with protective equipment for securing them if found. But perhaps even more interested in claiming these powerful shards are the Skaven. The clans Eshin, Pestilens, Skyre, and Moulder all have sent forces into Mordheim to acquire these shards for their own purposes.